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Legals for Business Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Dedicated Server by Asia Web Solutions
Company status : Limited Company
Company name : I-WEB Group
Director's name : Guido Possner
Address : Carl v.- Ossietzky Str. 212
ZIP : 09127
City : Chemnitz
State : Saxony
Country : Germany
Phone : hidden [for support only]
Fax : hidden [for support only]
Mobile : hidden [for support only]
Email : info [at] asiawebsolutions.net
URL : www.asiawebsolutions.net
Legal notes
Person in charge about content : webmaster
Email (content) : info [at] asiawebsolutions.net
Person in charge about technical : webmaster
Email (technical) : info [at] asiawebsolutions.net
Hosting : www.asiawebsolutions.net
Other informations
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